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Hello and welcome to my website.
I'm Helen McPherson, a Nationally
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and writer/producer of the Belief, Bump Birth series of CDs.

This range of inspirational and motivational hypnosis CDs aim to guide you through the journey ahead. Relaxing sounds and hypnotic imagery carry you to a place of calm, a receptive state of mind where you can shape your life in the way you want.

I initially developed my recordings as an in-between
session aid to the many couples I counseled but I received so much great feedback I
decided to release them to
the general market.
The success my CDs have had has far out weighed my initial expectations and now I can't wait for you to try them. As with everything n life, there are no certainties, but you can certainly help weigh the scales the right way.

Whether you're at your wits end
with IVF, just starting out on
your pregnancy or in the last
trimester and starting to panic
there is one of my
CDs to suit you.

All are available
to purchase
from Amazon UK.
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Mother and Baby awayrds finalist 2014 What people say
What people say
What people say