The Birth CD

Mother and baby awards finalist 2014

A complete Hypnosis Programme for a happy birth day. This CD package completes the Belief, Bump, Birth series, it includes: a whole programme of CDs, a booklet, an affirmation card and a dad card. The full programme of hypnosis tracks will help you to prepare for the day when you give birth to your baby. Swift, natural pain-free childbirth is possible. I can teach you how.

By using hypnosis, a mother in labour can help herself to remain calm. Blood flow is improved and comfort increased. A relaxed mind and body can ease a labour to feel in control and positive. This good perception of labour and good blood flow will help post-natal recovery and the production of milk.

Evidence also suggests that babies born through this process have higher Apgar scores, tend to be calmer, feed and sleep better, and mothers can experience a more rapid recovery, reduced incidence of post natal depression, and generally have more energy for the birth. I can teach you how to have a calm, confident and in-control childbirth.

Research has shown that birth with hypnosis can help to achieve:

  • Faster labour
  • Significantly less need for medication or drugs
  • Fewer interventions
  • Can turn breach presentations
  • A relaxed and healthy baby with less chance of distress

The programme is designed to:
Create deep relaxation
Promote confidence for labour and birth
Teach breathing and pain relief techniques
Remove worries and fears
Overcome a previous negative experience or conditioning.
Promote comfort, healing and relaxation post-natally.

For an in-depth discussion of exactly how hypnosis helps women to give birth comfortably, please click here to read an article I have written, which has been published on several websites. References are available on request.

The Birth CD
£30.00 Purchase

3 separate hypnosis tracks – Overcoming negativity, Improving positivity, Super Confidence for childbirth.

3 hypnosis tracks – Pain relief techniques, Birth Day Preview, Post natal Relaxation.

Instrumental tracks for labour and birth.

This is the instrumental CD of music to play whilst in labour. It was specifically composed to help induce a trance and is the music used in the background of all the hypnosis CDs. It is a blend of soothing melodies and has a rhythm that will calm the heartbeat. It is an integral part of the Happy Birth Day programme and should be played whilst you are in labour to help you relax and focus and use the hypnotic techniques you have learnt to best effect. It can be played fairly loud during the last weeks of pregnancy, when your baby will be able to hear it in the womb. When you play it again to them after the birth, it is very likely to have a soothing effect, so it can be used to help your bay to sleep, just like a lullaby.

Listen to this CD:
In labour to help induce a trance
During labour to help you 0apply the hypnotic techniques you have learnt
Post natally to help you sleep
To help your baby sleep
At any time to help you relax

Mother and Baby awayrds finalist 2014 What people say
What people say
What people say