The Bump CD

Hypnotherapy for a more confident and relaxing pregnancy - the second CD in the series Belief, Bump, Birth.

So, you are pregnant. The elation of the situation has subsided a little, and anxieties may have started to creep in.

Very many women have anxious pregnancies, when they could be enjoying a special time in their lives. There can be a number of reasons that contribute to pregnancy anxiety and even ante-natal depression. These include:

  • Fertility treatment
  • Previous miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Financial or social worries
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Health concerns or previous worries
  • Previous difficult birth

The audio sequences with guided visualisations, are designed to:

Create deep relaxation

Reduce anxiety

Increase feelings of confidence in yourself, in your body, in your ability to give birth and be a mother.

Promote bonding and communication with the unborn baby.

Promote natural physiological process in pregnancy.

Start the process of looking forward to a joyful birth experience.

The Bump CD
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Track 1:
Confidence and relaxtion in Pregnancy

Track 2:
Confident Pregnancy, Birth and beyond.

The CD may be used at any stage of pregnancy and is useful for all pregnant women.

Partners may listen too if they are feeling anxious about the pregnancy or birth.

Each track consists of a soothing English voice with beautiful melodic music in the background, taking you into a state of deep relaxation. Words and imagery are then used to guide you into feelings of greater confidence and help you bond with your unborn baby.

Find a time when you will not be interrupted and sit or lie down with your head and neck-supported. You may listen at any time of the day, and it may be particularly useful in later pregnancy if you are finding it difficult to sleep. If you feel at the end that you have been asleep that’s fine it means that you have achieved a lovely deep level of trance and the CD is working just right. If you actually do fall asleep and wake up later, that’s fine too, you will have heard everything that you need to.

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