" Wouldn't be without it. "
Zoe M

" I didn't know what to expect when I first played this Cd but I now listen to it every day. It helps me to 'switch off' and really relax - something I found difficult to do in my last pregnancy. Definitely recommend this. Wonderfully relaxing ! "

" This is a really good CD especially if you have trouble sleeping during pregnancy. Its helps your mind switch off from the usual anxieties. I would definately recommend it..... Worked wonders for me. "
apatz –

" Was feeling really anxious and bought this based on other Amazon reviews and really haven't been disappointed. A calm English voice providing reassurance, easy to listen to and effective really quickly. Not sure what I would have been like without it! Relaxes even the most worried mum to be. "

" This is the second CD from Helen McPherson that I've purchased (Belief CD was the first) and I am just as happy with it as I was with the Belief one. It helps me relax and put all the worries that come with each stage of pregnancy at ease.
It's great if you need to just switch off, or if you are restless and can't get to sleep. I listen to it on the tube on my way to work as well as when I am too restless to go to sleep. It soothes the mind and gets you in the right happy sleepy relaxed mode. "

" Brilliant relaxation CD "

" This CD is perfect for relaxation during pregnancy, it helped me to unwind and settle off for a good night's sleep and reduced my level of anxiety significantly. It has really helped me to enjoy my pregnancy which after 10yrs of trying and previous losses was something i was not sure i could achieve. Thankyou
Perfect for relaxing and calming pregnancy jitterrs. "
Ellen E Armstrong

" I want to be prepared as possible and relaxed as possible when I give birth. I love listening to this cd. It calms me, as and I haven't really experienced worry or anxiety about giving birth. It is a brilliant way of connecting to your baby as well, and helps sleep. I would recommend it to any mother to be.
Best on the market! "
miss gigi -

" I have, Zita West, Alice Domar's imported from US, Circle and Bloom's (US download) and Rezwanna Patterson cd for ivf. None of them are as good as this. It is by far the best and matches my actuall hypnotherapy one on one sessions. The tell tale sign will be if I stay so calm in the tww. Everyone including my husband has commented that I'm so positive, upbeat and in a good place, this is my first ivf. One thing I particularly like about it is it tries to convince you to forget you're going through the process, it has worked! "
By Nearly there...

" I bought this CD on the recommendations given by other reviewers and I have to say that I am not disappointed. When I found out that I was finally pregnant for the first time at 46, I was absolutely over the moon and euphoric. What I hadn't banked on were the overwhelming feelings of anxiety that are with me every waking moment. This CD has really helped me clear my head, relax me into a positive, optimistic state and take each day as it comes. The reader's voice is pleasant, soothing and easy to listen to. It's not a big financial outlay - just buy the CD and put your mind at rest! "

" I've found it invaluable. "
Mrs E, Ashley Heath

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What people say
What people say